BEquinox: The Shape of Things to Come

March 16th – 19th, 2017

Do you ever find yourself asking… “what ever happened to those flying cars we were promised?”, “where are the dome cities” or “what about cities under the sea?” Do we now view our future history simply as flights of fancy, or as a fact based fantasy with a basis in science and functionality?

Future design has always been molded and shaped by our imagination and intellect based on the things we know, the things we don’t know, and by the influence of those who preceded us. Art Deco offered us grace before the Space Age gave us aerodynamic shapes, fins on cars, and sleek stylings destined to launch us into the next century. Now we stand at yet another divergent crossroads between artistic forms and utilitarian function as our imagination ignites and new designs take shape.

These are the questions that the participants of BEquinox 2017 will BE tasked with to answer.

Joshua Tree Lake Campground

Where:  JT Lake Campground

2601 Sunfair Rd. Joshua Tree, CA. 92252


Thursday March 16: Gates Open at Noon

Sunday March 19th: Everyone needs to be off the property by 2pm 

There are No Ins and outs –
None… Like Zero. Plan Accordingly.

BEquinox 2016 Animalia #throughthesky