Space: Our Final Frontier

March 14th – 18th, 2018

As we look beyond our dying planet, our hopes and dreams are pinned to other planets above, the stars beyond and the great unknown in the vast expanse of the universe.  The more we look for habitable planets, the more we find.  What oddities and discoveries await our species as we push outwards into the cosmos?

BEquinox 2018, recently discovered in the Milky Way Galaxy may be one of the most oddly unique of all the planetary bodies yet encountered.  With conditions that include high surface winds, extremes of heat, cold, darkness and light, the denizens of the planet find a great many means by which to protect themselves from their environment in colorful, creative and magical fashion.  Many other creatures that abound on the planet’s surface that include both organic and mechanical lifeforms, exist for no other reason than to please the sensory organs of the inhabitants.  They have strange customs, rituals and ceremonies all seemingly adopted from a list of “Ten Principles” that govern these citizens.

It is with great gratitude that we begin our long journey to BEquinox 2018.

Ticket Price: $120.00

SOLD OUT – Thanks everyone

No tickets will be sold at the gate.

Tickets for kids 13 and under are free.

Joshua Tree Lake Campground

Where:  JT Lake Campground

2601 Sunfair Rd. Joshua Tree, CA. 92252


Wednesday March 14: Gates Open at Noon

Sunday March 18th: Everyone needs to be off the property by 2pm 

There are No Ins and outs –
None… Like Zero. Plan Accordingly.

BEquinox 2016 Animalia #throughthesky